Mayhem For A Meal

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The day of destruction had arrived; the metal monsters flooded out of their hometowns, desperately fighting, trying to escape. Preparation had taken place for weeks, and then, finally, all calm of the previous hours gone, panic set in. All monsters abandoned their usual duties for this one occasion, and now they flooded in from every avenue, slowing travel for miles. Clusters of monsters made their presence known, howling their fury at the inability to depart.

Some small monsters and even a few Bugs sprinkled across scene, but most were enormous eating beasts, their insides stuffed with the stock of the journey. Green, white, grey, red, blue, and black creatures crawled across the land, heading every which way, chafing the ground like an avalanche thundering down a mountain; the monsters journeyed from everywhere-Portland, Boston, New York, Hartford. All came from different areas, yet for the same purpose.

A few hastily groaned, screeching to a stop here and there and everywhere.

Others growled, driven by desperation, weaving through the crowd like deer through a forest, craving the turkey and mashed potatoes ahead. Most simply barked their frustrated barks, infuriated by the imminent tardiness, and the feast they would miss.

As Suburbans, Jeeps, Vans, and the occasional Hummer guzzled gas to their limits, the men and women begged escape from the beasts, but no recess presented itself for many miles. Babies cried, children whined, parents yelled, adding to the clamor and clashes from all sides. Hours of waiting, walking, and then waiting again passed by, as minute after minute, second after second, the beeping, screaming, barking, and screeching continued.

Occasionally a monster came to a pause, as too many tiny tollbooths stretched their arms out: "Halt!" The monsters spat coins from their mouths, and then once again entered the highway of a...