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Mayor of Casterbridge essay

Period 1


Free will or predetermination ? That is the question!

In the novel the mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy, Hardy depicts how "the blind emerges and defiant acts that bring an ambitious man to power can also destroy him." However what are these "acts" Hardy so speaks of? Are these "acts" something we create ourselves internally or are they external factors that are forced upon us? Does Hardy depict a world of free will or determinism? Does man determine their own fate or are we on predetermined course from birth? Are we our own destiny ? Or do other external factors caused us to do the things we do make the choices we make?

In my personal opinion I believe that to an extent we make our own decisions however I feel as though God has given us options and we ourselves pick from those options.

So in a way we are predetermined. Like the board game life every time you play it it comes out differently. That's like how every person's life is different but you can make the of some act or omission we have our selves engineer choices when you play the game. And I feel much like in the game there are only X number of ways the game can go. Much like how i feel they're only X number of ways you're life can be played out but as you go through life you make choices that ultimately have you end up in your final destination.

I feel that Thomas Hardy wrote the mayor of Casterbridge to depict exactly that. Before the main story even begin we see Hardy writing this statement in the introduction "we none of us get very far in...