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Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Extraordinary times create extraordinary people. Has anyone been called upon to rebuild the hopes and dreams of an entire city, especially a city, which is considered to be the center of the world? No amount of training or experience could prepare Mayor Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani for what he faced on September 11, 2001.

Giuliani was born in Brooklyn. He grew up a New Yorker. He felt the same concerns, hopes and dreams which every American citizen as well as New York citizen had. Education and experience are essential to becoming a respected leader. Mayor Giuliani graduated from New York University Law School. He practiced law for four years before he was named associate attorney general in President Ronald Reagan's administration. Mayor Giuliani overcame many defeats; he lost his first race for mayor. He had many harsh critics through the years. Mayor Giuliani did not let the critics stop him, he lowered the crime rate in New York City by 40% and created jobs.

He set goals for himself and strived to roach it.

Mayor Giuliani successfully helped NY become a better city. He was very strong and organized, and strived for perfection for NY. His greatest test of leadership was tested on September 11th. After the terrorist attack he was very comforting to the city. He felt the pain not only of NY, but also the whole nation, he demonstrated hope and his human side, which was rarely seen before. He did not take advantage of his popularity by running for mayor again. He was humble, but, gave promise, hope security and words of his wisdom to the people of not only NY but to the Nation.

Mayor Giuliani is a tremendous leader, who I truly respect. He believed in the people of NY and the nation, if you can not believe in the population, you lead, then how can they truly believe in you. Horrendous events bring many heroic people to the spotlight. Mayor Giuliani shined brightly in the spotlight reassuring NY that they will recover from the tragedy and will prevail to be a stronger city.