MBA550 Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Manufacturing is a well established global plastics producer undergoing a feasibility study to improve the supply chain functionality of their company and the purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of the business situation. This summary will identify challenges and opportunities, business goals, and potential problems preventing the successful realization of these goals.

Situation Background (Step 1)Founded in 1991, Riordan has four different locations in the United States as well as China, employing 550 individuals with the projected earnings of $46 million. (Riordan, 2006) Their Plastic beverage containers are produced in Albany, Georgia, custom plastic parts are manufactured in Pontiac, Michigan, parts for plastic fan are produced in Hangzhou, China and the corporate headquarters are in San Jose, California, where their research and development team is located as well. Riordan has made several strategic changes in the way that they manufacture and market their product. One of which is a new sales teams, rather than single sales person, servicing customers, where each team focuses on a particular customer segment.

In this team they have a sales person, a product engineering specialist and a customer service rep. Riordan believes this is an improvement in sales and will have the desired effect. (Riordan, 2006).

Issue Identification•Striving to implementing a successful new sales and service processes, internal as well as external.

oInternally:Internal problems with the leadership team.

•No unityLocations of the organization•Spread across various states, as well as in China•Cultural and regional challenges•Leadership not understanding the specifics of each locationEmployee dissatisfaction has risen•Different perspectives on motivation tactics•Low job performance•Declining morale and work ethics company wideoExternally:Clients want more than just productsClients want services and solutions that make the products they obtain more efficientClients want a complete service team that is available when needed, in all time zones.

Opportunity IdentificationoIdentify markets not...