Mc Donalds Case Study

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-Introduction- This paper analyses possible development in McDonald?s? future based on the strategic appreciation using SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Firstly, the paper briefly explains the outline of the case study. Secondly, it identifies the organisation?s current mission, objectives and strategies. Then the argument moves onto SWOT analysis. In this part, the paper analyses the environment in which McDonald?s is given, and the opportunities and threats are identified. The organisation?s resources are also analysed and it identifies strengths and weaknesses. In next chapter of the paper, it conjectures possible future strategies formulated within the organisation. Subsequently, the implementation of strategies is discussed. Lastly, the evaluation of results carried out by the organization concludes this paper.

The case study entitled ?China?s Big Mac Attack? written by James L. Watson focuses on how McDonald?s ? a leading American fast-food franchise ? could accomplish to break down a barrier of Eastern Asian dietary habits and expand its franchisee territories.

According to the case study, McDonald?s ought to be considered not only as an outstanding international mega-hamburger chain but also as a representative of the cultural message transmitted through Hollywood and other American culture. The author points out that even though McDonald?s franchises outside the United States are mostly operated and managed by non-American franchisees, its distinguishing double arches of McDonald?s always represent the United States of America as Stars and Stripes does. This fact shows both pros and cons, which are explained later on in this paper. In China, a rise of new middle classes and its single-child family policy accelerate the expansion of McDonald?s chain, which is also caused by a rise in the amount of money and attention lavished on children. This enormous social and cultural change is certainly a reason why McDonald?s managed to have become so prominent...