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The air was fresh and blowing in his hair, the man with the black Toyota Supra with his clear lens with a two-inch drop was on his way to big trip he was planning for months. Riding with his windows down, he had taken all his cds' and was bumping them on his dual twelve inches subwoofers. Everyone would turn heads and look at the speeding black Supra with his flow masters exhaust system rumbling loudly. The car been added a few features to boost the horsepower like a new intake manifold with high flow air intake, new performance spark plugs, eight gage spark plug wires and high flow headers.

The freshly paved and soft road we were on had been constructed few hours earlier. As we were on our way, we smelled cow manure and saw some chickens. The cows were from the farm down the road and so were the chickens.

The highly mountainous landscape covered with a blanket of snow that looked like white powdered sugar. He needed to stop at a gas station, because the gas tank was almost empty. As he pulled into the gas there were big truck filling up with diesel fuel and he was filling up with gas.

He was fifteen miles away from his destination. The man was going about eighty miles per hour covering a lot of ground. Arriving, he saw highly lighted streets and hotels also billboards with the golden arches that said, "Try our new Big Mac, McDonalds" seeing that made me hungry. He stopped for one of those burgers and enjoyed every bite up to the lettuce. Well he finished it and moved on to where he was going. Looking for a hotel, he saw this beautiful hotel with the statue of liberty and check in. Staying for one week, he enjoyed the sites that he set out to enjoy.