MCAS Testing: Good or Bad, an in depth look

Essay by NohjElementary School, 5th grade August 2002

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I recently took the 4th gradeMCAS test in my school. I have a few complaints.

---First off, more than 3/4 of the year in Reading class was spent going over MCAS preparation study guides. We were scribbling notes writing essays on how cotton is grown and made into cloth, synonyms, ad verbs, commas etc. Boy that was soooooo much fun! I didn't really have a problem with it,but it was tiring, plus, i had alot of writers cramp.

---Then the teachers acted like it was religious to do good and study everything and make sure you understand the text in the test and if you didn't understand yopu should skip the problem and go back to it later on. That was ok knowing the material so you didn't mess, but the shoved it into your face! You had 5 pages of writing to do almost every night.

---Finally, when we had the week to take the test i came in late 1 measley little day, and the teacher almost ripped off her wart.

she said "You were late! Next time if your late don't come into the classroom when it is MCAS you might disturb the children who are taking the test and break thier concentration!" Like i care.

I hope that by the time that i go to high school they throw away MCAS I wouldn't like to have my life determined by if i fail a test or pass. I thought up an alternate idea. Each school should have thier own psychiatrists to give each and every one of the children an I.Q. test once every few grades to determine what they should work on and if they need special help or not. Please send me the pros and cons of my idea. I would positively...