McBastards: McDonald's and Globalization," By Paul Feine

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Emmanuel Ruiz

Ms. Rains

English 101 UNIT 3

April 2, 2010


Does one honestly think McDonald's is the company to blame for America's obesity?

As narrator Paul Feine shows different perspectives of how McDonalds is viewed from different countries, one can decide who is to blame.

The author, Paul Fiene, starts of his article with a personal experience of his own. While on a trip to Paris with his family, he encounters an angry French man who evidently despises McDonalds. After Feine summarized the whole Paris vacation, Feine then talks about how McDonalds, as a company, is viewed badly by the whole world. Right after that he hits the readers with tons of statistics and anti-McDonalds websites and articles. Continuing, Fiene then supports his information with various books and articles relevant to the articles topic. Concluding Feines article, is an interesting piece of information were Fiene states that even though it is not true that no two countries that have McDonalds never been to war, but that McDonalds everywhere is, "encouraging healthy competition-competition that, in many cases, is leading to improved sanitation standards and civility.

And sometimes, just sometimes, McDonald's even brings people together and creates a few smiles…just like its commercials say it does."

According to Paul Feine, "Critics demonize McDonald's for its unabashed pursuit of profits, its disregard for nutritional value, and the environment and the way it panders to children". Apparently, McDonalds is to blame for the health problems of fast food addicts. McDonalds controls 43 percent of the U.S. fast food market, and it is by far one of the most successful companies when it comes to pursuing exceedingly high profits. Even though McDonalds has been blamed on for many health problems, it has also made changes in...