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One of the most difficult and important tasks involved in setting up a business, whether new or growing, is designing the network. The network is the backbone from which the company will conduct all of its business and communications. Any flaws or mistakes in design can have detrimental effects on company performance. That is why it is important to understand the expectations, demands, and goals of the company before designing the network. This document details the network requirements necessary to meet the demands, goals, and expectations for McBride Financial Services.

McBride Financial Services - Boise Office Network Requirements Document

Before a company can begin offering services or selling products to the general public, a network infrastructure must be set up to support the daily business activities of the company. A lot must be considered when designing a network. Something as simple as setting up a computer, printer, or telephone needs detailed cabling and connections specifications for proper functioning.

These specifications can vary from company to company depending on their needs and goals. The network requirements document detailed below facilitates the design process and illustrates the requirements necessary for implementing a successful network for McBride Financial Services (MFS).

Description of Company

McBride Financial Services is a regional mortgage lender located in Boise, Idaho. They offer low cost mortgage services to homebuyers, specializing in first-time and problem credit clients. Although their headquarters is located in Boise, Idaho, the company hopes to expand by opening one office in Montana, two in Wyoming, two in North Dakota, and two in South Dakota. The offices, which total eight, will be staffed by 2-3 brokers and one receptionist. There will be two home offices, Boise--which will open first--and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which will each be comprised of three brokers and two administrative assistants that...