McCarthyism. Full report on McCarthyism and what it is.

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McCarthyism is the unfair accusations and investigations of disloyalty and treason in the area of communism in the United States. McCarthyism is basically accusing people that are living within the United States of being communists and/or trying to over throw the United States government. The phrase "McCarthyism" originates from the young Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy.

Who was Joseph McCarthy?

Joseph McCarthy was a young senator. He made accusations of some 205 men as being communists. McCarthy was one of the representatives for the state of Wisconsin in the Senate. He won the seat in the senate in 1946. He was a heavy drinker and was very devoted to his alcoholism. He had other horrid behavior and habits that were also highly frowned upon.

He earned a nickname: "The Pepsi-Cola Kid." He earned this nickname for being bribed into supporting and fighting for the continuation of the regulation of sugar prices.

He was successful in this fight for the continuation of regulation of sugar prices, but the other senators were not supportive of his fight for the continuation of the regulations of sugar prices and they are the ones who gave Joseph McCarthy this nickname.

After his four years of drinking and fighting for the regulation of sugar prices he ran for re-election. McCarthy decided that the theme for his re-election would be the investigation of illegal communist activity and people within the United States.

Background on McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on November 12th, 1908. He was born into a catholic family. He was a middle child. He had eight brothers and sisters. He was the fifth born out of nine. He dropped out of High School at the age of 14 and worked on a chicken farm. At the age of 19 McCarthy went back...