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SWOT : 1)Operation : · 牋牋牋牋McDonald's has 29000 restaurants in 121 countries across the world. Every day more than 2.5 million people in this country visit McDonald's.(strength) · 牋牋牋牋The general starting salary of McDonald's for the labour in most countries is just above the minimum wage. (strength) · 牋牋牋牋McDonald's suppliers follow the "quality, value and cleanliness" strategy set by the Company. Great emphasis is placed on traceability systems for all product ingredients to enable controls to be exercised over every link in the supply chain.(strength) 2) Human Resources : · 牋牋牋牋Most of the employees of McDonald's are between 17-21 and they are not highly educated and do not have much experience about the fast food industry. (weakness) · 牋牋牋牋Other benefits that hourly paid employees receive are: free meal allowance, paid holiday, free life assurance, etc. (strength) · 牋牋牋牋McDonald's Diversity policy: Avoiding unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying. Everyone's opinion is valued and everyone is regarded as equal in status and must always be treated with respect.

(strength) 3)Marketing : · 牋牋牋牋The Big Mac is McDonald's flagship product. Other main brands are: Chicken McNuggets, McMuffin, McChicken sandwich, McDonald's Filet-o-fish, McDonald's Vegetable Deluxe and McFlurry. (strength) · 牋牋牋牋McDonald's has been providing united products and services to its customers over the half decade · 牋牋牋牋Customers feel boring and decided to switch to other fast food In order to retain its customers, McDonald's has carried out innovations recently in Hong Kong to offer diversified products and customer oriented service.

· 牋牋牋牋For example, other than hamburger and French fries, it provides fried chicken, pizza, soup, spaghetti, special ice cream and sandwiches.

· 牋牋牋牋Last October, McDonald's introduced a new product campaign called the "New Taste". McDonald's continuously introduce four new tailor-made food items each month so as to give its customers "fresh feeling". Some examples...