McDonalds In Colombia

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MGT 6201 International Operations Hope International University McDonald's Colombia An International Rapid Service Restaurant Robert C Peterson Team Expansion April 21, 2001 A brief history of the organization: Two brothers originally started McDonald's, they ran a single restaurant for 17 years in a single city in California. In 1954, Ray Kroc visited them to sell them a milkshake machine and saw a bigger vision. In 1955, Mr. Kroc began the new "McDonald's System Inc." and in the first year opened 18 new restaurants across the United States, and he maintained the quality, the production line and the limited menu that the McDonald brothers had started.

McDonald's tried to come to Colombia in 1983, but the economy was closed to such businesses. They tried for 12 years before having success in getting the appropriate paperwork and permission to start a McDonald's in Colombia. At first, McDonald's didn't open doors to the public for consumption, like they have done before.

They started working in Colombia to obtain the correct temperature at which to cook the fries to get the correct taste, and to obtain the correct menu and the same tastes as the company is accustomed to. At first they set the prices, while they are importing the supplies, at a higher level. Then later discounted the prices of the food to the customer.

Today, Colombia is the fourth most important country in Latin America to McDonald's. In it's first year it surpassed all of the expectations that anyone had for the restaurant with the opening of 12 restaurants. Thanks to the high demand, they will continue opening McDonald's in the rest of the country. McDonald's is continually looking for businesses in Colombia to supply them with things they need. They continue to invest in the economy and the country. McDonald's...