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McGregor's Ltd. is a successfully established department store reputed for a great emphasis on personnel service.

Some important aspects of the company's functioning are:

* The company is reputed to be old fashioned and traditional and is highly valued by its customers for its personal services and it's atmosphere of gracious living. However this remains a USP for the company.

* The company hasn't entirely succeeded in attracting young customers and relies on middle-aged and elder customers, which could imply a serious risk in the near future.

* Unlike other competitors, it sold unusual and expensive goods with imports being the major feature. This could imply that a consistent part of its customer base had high purchasing power.

* The company's aged personnel policies made it seem old-fashioned which sometimes led the company to trouble in recruiting younger salespeople.

* The company's outdated employee discount policies led to wastage in sales peoples' time and ate into profit margins.

* Several incidents of "lost" merchandise have led the sales personnel to suspect the cleaning staff of shoplifting.

* Most of the company's top management had been with it for many years and their devotion to older traditions could lead to a resistance against adoption of any new policies.

The company's president, James McGregor strongly feels the need for the revision of the current policies, which could help in creating a less stuffy image and help it attract young staff and subsequently a younger customer base.


Revision of the employee discounts scheme or not and conveying the top

management about the new policy in a feasible manner.


Short Term

* To create a modern image thereby attracting young and dynamic sales

force and attain a greater young customer base.

Long Term

* To achieve greater efficiency, a...