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Conclusion and Evaluation From My Questionnaire Conclusion From my questionnaire results and graph I can conclude that everybody I questioned enjoys eating ice cream and that everyone I asked said that they would benefit from an ice cream parlour being built. However the people I asked may only visit it as a novelty once or twice and not be regular customers. Nine out of eleven people said that they would prefer the ice cream parlour to be built in the town centre rather than out of town. Six out of eleven people I asked said they purchased ice cream monthly with two out of ten saying that they purchased it weekly or on special occasions with just one person buying ice cream more than once a week. Six out of eleven people questioned preferred chocolate flavoured ice cream but it was closely followed by four out of eleven preferring vanilla flavoured ice cream.

My results form my questionnaire and pie chart graphs back up my conclusions.

Evaluation After carrying out my questionnaires and gathering and concluding my results I advise opening an ice cream parlour with a view of going into franchising if it is successful. I advise that the ice cream parlour is to be opened in the town centre rather than at a out of town shopping centre. The ice cream parlour will receive competition from local ice cream vans if it is built within the town, whereas if it is built out of town there will be less competition and that it contains all flavours of ice cream but with more varieties of chocolate and vanilla e.g. chocolate chip and vanilla and rum. I predict that if the ice cream parlour is built it will receive a lot of customers for the first two months but then customer numbers will decline as the novelty of it wares off.

Above is the location map of where I propose the ice cream parlour to be built because it is easily accessible by bus from every part of the town.