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My Biography Jonathan Hammond English11 11/8/00 One afternoon on October 3 1984 I was born to purify the world and rid it of evil"¦wait wrong story"¦ I was infact born October 3 1984 but not to rid the world of evil but to add a little to it. When I was born my father was out to see on West pack (6 months out the year the subs travel the seas) which I thought was kind of bummer but you cant always get what you want. My father and I didn't really have a strong relationship like the whole son and father throwing the baseball not because, he was at sea all the time but lets face it he sucked bad at sports. We moved from Hampton, Virginia to Honolulu, Hawaii because my father was transferred. We stayed there for about 6 months till my mother (Lori Hammond) and my father (Jonathan J Hammond SR) got into frequent arguments and found themselves growing apart.

Which a lot of couples did during that era so I can understand because they were very different people. After the divorce went through my Mother met my step dad Jeff Hall (from the Marines) and soon became interested with each other. My little brother Nicholas Hammond was born and we decided to move back to Maine where Jeff was from which all in all Sucked"¦ Heather was right too much grass is scary but the Andover school was a great school. I began to attend it in my Kindergarten grade where I enjoyed many mind stretching activities such as finger paintings and Center Time. We then got sick of living in poverty and Jeff was offered a job at Vulcraft in Palestine Texas where I began to attend an all Black school with Mexicans that didn't like white people (think of the time I had there). This where I learned how to sprint everyday I got off the bus and it never failed to have 10 African and Mexican people chasing you home. This surprisingly was the grade that I got between 95-100 average grades on my report card where the hell did it go?? Maybe I could get those People from Texas to chase the crap right back into me well go figure. After a couple years in Texas we decided to move back to Andover and I then met some really "cool" people and was introduced to a "plant" that made you "fly". I never "flew" but it was kind of funny when they did .7th grade sucked 8th grade sucked and then when I got rid of a certain "principle" I progressed up from c- student to a solid B. In 9th grade I met a couple of new friends and joined band playing the snare drums where I learned that not only is drugs bad but"¦anyway I made it through had a little fun but the fun began in 10th grade. I don't know why but it did"¦this is when my new companion entered my life (Diablo2) where we spent many times wasting the hours I could of done on homework and spent doing constructive things but I decided what the hell lets kill shit (excuse my French)"¦I then met Mary and it was a great old' time this is where my decisions came stressful Mary-Diablo"¦Mary made it so Diablo wasn't in the picture anymore I was owned and not to be sold. When I entered 11th grade I found that a lot of people have changed many of them to the worst and why? A lot of stuff happens in a persons life many of which you cant change I cant really remember what happened all those years I mean I cant even remember your lame vocabulary words. But I have to face them and its your job (which we all know you enjoy greatly) so I guess ill have to deal with it"¦And from this day on I will experience many knew things.