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It was the beginning of grade two when I had a new math teacher. Till today, I could still clearly remember her gorgeous face. However, it was her extreme way of teaching which thoroughly annoyed me. She gave the class an uncountable amount of homework at such an unnecessary stage--it was only grade two math. Moreover, the homework she gave was entirely superfluous. It was quite obvious that if I ignored the homework, I could possibly get satisfying on the test as well. Yet, she did have her own explanation of doing so, as she always repeated, "practice makes perfect." Driven by my oppressive revolt against her, I started not doing homework. As expected, I soon got caught by her. When she had soon discovered the fact that I was resisting the homework, she was unexpectedly calm, instead of what I thought of being furious. She then switched her tone a little bit, in a sort of way austereness, told me that if I did not finish my homework on time, I was not allowed to attend her class.

There comes a time in every young person's life when a choice must be do the homework or not. I had not been confronted with this kind of situation before, which coincided with my immaturity of dealing with teachers. It's important to understand that the issue was not my incapability to do homework, but my weariness towards those countless but futile questions. I always felt confident that I could cope with tests easily without doing any of her homework. I knew that I would be a smashing success. Unfortunately, it was my idleness and conceitedness that overtook my deserved success.

As my father later commented, I had to get over my pre-conceived notion...