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4. Critically analyze how "race" and ethnicity are used by the media. Dr. Udvardy has suggested that laypersons and the media use these terms differently from their scientific definition. For this assignment you will need to summarize and critically reflect on at least 3 media reports from television, or the print media (articles from mainstream newspapers or magazines) from January 1, 2002, or later (attach copies of the printed media and/or describe radio or TV advertisements in enough detail to be recognizable to the reader). All three reports should include a substantial focus on or use of the concepts of "race" and/or ethnicity, nationality, or culture, similar to the focus of your readings from the Kottak/Kozaitis textbook. Your paper should discuss the following: The topic focus of each media report (i.e. the issue of "race," ethnicity, nationality, or culture being reported), the way the report is using the concepts of "race," ethnicity, etc.,

a comparison to the way your textbook defines these concepts, and your critical reflection. The above questions should be a jumping off point for your own assessment of the articles. You may wish to compare and contrast the reports, but your introduction and conclusions should tie your thoughts together.