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"Shafat is an enthusiastic and humorous guy", "Shafat is open minded and has tons of fun to be with". These are references which I received from my relatives and majority of people I have met before. My full name is Ahmed Shafat Kareem. I am usually known to people as my middle name, which is 'Shafat'. I was born on the 9th of September, 1991, which means I am 23 years old now. I have got one sibling; a younger sister. Then I have got my mother and father too. I am mostly close with my sister, as she is the only companion I have other than my parents.

I have been living and studying in an English-medium school called 'Summerfield Tutorial' in Chittagong until I was in 2nd standard, then I moved to Dhaka with my family. I finished off my school and college and, done my O'Levels in 2008 and A'Levels in 2010 from 'Maple Leaf International School' in Dhaka.

After doing this, I have started studying Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in 'North South University' and hopefully, I will be able to finish off with some great grades and then I plan to study abroad in Australia. The field I am thinking to study in is 'Networking'. Australia is a great country with great opportunities, so I will have no doubt to go there and fulfill one of my dream and settle my career, when it will come down to choose a country.

I love to learn about things that I do not know and I have always taken my studies very seriously. I have never said to anyone in my life, that "I hate studies". Many people find me as a geek, but I only see that as a compliment rather than an insult.