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Learning Log Template (10 pts. Total)

Name: Shayla McLeod Date: September 22, 2014 Log # 3

Part 1: ( 1 pt.)

Source/Text Title: Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning

Focus Chapters: Chapter 5: Preparing Teachers for Inquiry Based Teaching; Chapter 6: Making the Case for Inquiry

Part 2: Reponses (Total 3 pts each): Connect 1-3 to Rubric below!

1. Three ideas I find important in this reading are:

An idea that I found important as I read through the online reading is that in order for students to understand inquiry and use it as they learn science, teachers have to be knowledgeable in inquiry and inquiry-based methods.

Another ideas that I found important was, "in order for knowledge to be usable, it must be connected and organized through important concepts. Experts must know the contexts in which knowledge is applicable and must be able to transfer that knowledge from one context to another".

The last idea that I found important was the fact that students build new knowledge and understanding on what they already know and believe.

2. This applies to my teaching science because:

This applies to my teaching because I will need to understand important content ideas that are outlined in the standards, to be able to develop lessons and activities that will allow students to use inquiry in the appropriate way (APS 6). I will be able to teach science in an effective way when I take part in professional development that extends my own inquiries to the implications for teaching. I will then be able to use what I learn, to impact students learning.

This applies to my teaching because I will have to make sure students understand major concepts, build a strong base of supporting factual information, and...