Me, Myself, And I

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Just Me Myself and I Most people would probably think my life is pretty boring and I would probably agree with them. though my life may be the most exciting I still may as well write a little autobiography about my accomplishments, let down, and victory's.

I would have to say that my personality is a little immature with some maturity mixed in. I also have to say that I have a very sarcastic attitude but since I can dish it out I also can take sarcasm right back. My mom says I' am spontaneous, maybe in a way I' am but not in a crazy sort of way. Though I consider my life great there has been some problems on along the way.

One of the let downs would have to be when I took the driving part of my test to get my license and flunk it. I was doing great up until the end.

I was using my blinker, looking over my shoulder, and I never went over the speed limit. I was near the end of the test, almost at a complete stop with my blinker on I was ready to turn. There were no cars coming and all of the sudden fire truck sirens came on about one or two blocks up the street, so I turned in to the parking lot to get out of the way. Well, needless to say the teacher didn't approve, so she flunk me, that was a little set back. I do have a accomplishment that I' am proud of.

That accomplishment would have to be going to college. Though it is just a community college. I feel like I' am on my way to growing up and having a future. The homework and pop quizzes are a little...