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Many things that students do can be used to define a student, but a person cannot be defined by only one activity or characteristic. As for me what I do in school is completely different from what I do in my spare time out of school. For instance, during school I devote my time studying and doing homework; basically my goal in each class is to put in all my effort to try and pass the class with sufficient grades. When I am out of class and my head is not stuck in books or concentrating on tests, and homework I am devoted to my religion, Christianity.

Whether I am in school or out of school I try my best not to let either school get in the way of my Christianity and try not to let my Christianity get in the way of my school work. Both Christianity and school take a great part in my life and I do not like to choose which one is more important to me because both of them are important to me.

I need school to be successful in life and I need my Christianity because that is one of the greatest values in my life, it is what keeps my life focused. Even tough people might question my Christianity and my Christianity may come up in my school, I still believe strongly in both Christianity and in school because these two characteristics and ¡°activities¡± are what define me as a person.

I was born into a Christian family even though my father¡¯s entire sides of the family are Christians and my mother¡¯s sides are all Buddhists, we have all adapted to Christianity because my grandfather strongly believes in Christianity. As a child in elementary school, I went to church...