The meaning of Art and the Artist

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When we look at artwork we always wonder at exactly what the artist is trying to get across. Walk through the art museums of Paris, Florence, and Madrid; your mind will be wandering all over the place trying to figure out what the paintings actually mean. Paintings are like pictures in that they tell a story and are a reflection of either the mood of the artist or of the time period in which the artist lived. The paintings usually have a message that it is trying to get across and it is your job as a spectator to try and figure out what it is. Take the painting Triumphal Entry and the painting The Course of Empire Savage State, these are two paintings that tell different stories and one has to decipher what exactly is going on with these two paintings.

Triumphal Entry is a Persian painting that is part of the Safavid culture and is of the 15th century, approximately 1562-1583.

In this painting the lines are thick and thin that implies a language. The lines are also expressive and analytic. There are no human figures in this painting, but shapes instead. In the Muslim cultures it is better not to draw human figures and to express your paintings without any human elements in it; in order words it is better to leave humans out of your drawings. To do otherwise would not be good. The focal point of this painting is the rectangle in the middle and the repetition of shapes, lines and colors in this painting create push-pull effect. The colors are intensive with each shape and block being a different bright color. There is also a lot of variety in the colors, for you can find different shades of blue, pink and orange all in...