The Meaning Of Dreams

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I decided to do my reaction paper on the meaning of dreams for it interested me as to why people dream and recall dreams after awakening. I read that dreams have been characterized as meaningless, the result of random nerve cell activity. If a dream is remembered at all, it is most often the one that occurred in the last phase of REM sleep. The article suggested that dreaming consists of association and memories elicited from the forebrain in response to random signals from the brain stem. Dreams also resulted from order that was imposed on the chaos of neutral signals and that order is a function of our own personal view of the world, our remote memory. The fact that an individual's emotional vocabulary could be relevant to dreams was also interesting. I thought the majority of the writing in the article was beyond my comprehension level for the article was written in great scientific and biological terminology.

Now to explain how these findings can be related to my own personal life experiences.

I first want to talk about the meaningless interpretation of dreams. In most cases, I think of a meaningless dream as a remembered dream that has an out of sequence or a dream that simply does not make sense to me. I recall dreams on most occasions but I do not recall most of them during any one night of sleep. I often have crazy dreams where there is no structured or logical pattern to the content of the dream or have no reason to be presented as an event that had already taken place in my life. Next, I'd like to dream association and memories.

Dream is said to consist of association and memories elicited from the brain. I often have dreams about recurring...