Meaning of friendship and unconditional love in the story of Gilgamesh

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In the story of Gilgamesh, the friendship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh is viewed as of that as best friends, soul mates. At the first sight of each other, they were like wolves at each other’s throats. It seemed like Gilgamesh was more upset about this because someone that was so common to him and receiving the same attention as he had been. With this occasion, the two men normally would not have gotten along. This was the first thing that people noticed about these two men. They had developed a relationship that began in hate, to love after they had just fought. The actions that followed this, had given people different impressions on how they really felt for each other.

After they are done fighting, Enkidu leaned against the shoulder ofGilgamesh and looked into his eyes. This is when they noticed how much alikethey were, after staring into each other’s eyes.

This is not something that mennormally do. From the eye staring people could start to imagine that they couldpossibly be homosexual. When I first read that part of the story, that was thefirst thought that came to mind because normally you don’t see two men acting in a way such as that.

The love of friendship starts to develop especially when they aregetting ready to battle Humbaba. The way that they approach the battle. Theykeep on reminding each other that they are together and since they are together,there is nothing to fear. The way that the words are put together, I wouldimagine a guy saying that to a girl. There is nothing to fear because he willprotect her. After this part of the story, I had pictured Enkidu being more thegirl figure in a relationship and Gilgamesh being the manly type willing toprotect the one he loved. Another...