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Good Food, Laughs, and Wet Kisses: Home

At first the meaning of home to me was a physical structure; house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household. However, after reading several short stories such as "A Pair of Tickets" by Amy Tan and poems such as "Escape the Ghettos of New York" by Vanessa Howard, my mindset changed about the meaning of home. Home is has a deep emotional meaning. Home for some people could be to feel comfortable, at ease, secure with the surroundings, small special memories or dreams, are a sense of belong to something. Home can of course have a contrast meaning to the good things. Home could mean tragic events, awkward moments, and feelings of discomfort, separation, hardships, or a tense environment. I tend to think of the good things in my life so when I think of home, the first thing that comes to my mind is my Nanee's (that is what everyone calls my grandmother) and her kitchen.

My Nanee in the kitchen brings a sense of belonging, teamwork, love, good food, laughs, and wet kisses.

My Nanee lives on the north side of Houston in a neighborhood called Lakewood. Lakewood is known for the church called Lakewood which is now located in the Houston's old Summit where Joel Osteen is the pastor. Her house is a small three bedroom house that stands on a large corner lot. Her lot is so big that her and my grandfather has two boats, two cars, and a patio in the backyard with still enough room for all the grandkids, great grandkids, and dogs to plays. The front yard is just a big as the back yard. She has a small flower garden that leads to the...