The Meaning Of Life

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If one were to conduct a survey of one hundred random people posing the question of the meaning of life, the answers given would vary drastically among those questioned. The most popular answer, however cliché, would most likely be, "to find love." From the time that we are infants we are shown, as well as told, about stories that finish "...happily ever after". The feelings that are associated with these mental images make us feel light-hearted and genuinely happy inside. Therefore, at this stage in our lives, we base happiness and sometimes success on the love that we receive from others throughout life. It is not until we are left alone in a society that is based on money that our true feelings may begin to change. When we see the latest trendy clothes on our favorite movie star or flashiest cars driven by the big sports heroes, our perpetually wanting nature takes over and we too would like to live the life that their seven, sometimes even eight digit salaries afford them.

Society, as a whole, views the worth of a person by the toys they have, not by the love they receive. Knowing this, we work our hardest to accumulate the funds to be able to live lavishly. But, not wanting to disclose our socially deemed "materialistic" or "money hungry" motives, we still tell people that we believe success is finding true love.

A man dressed in a suit made of fine Italian silk, holding the keys to his brand new Mercedes-Benz, would exclaim that love is the most important thing in his life. Shortly thereafter he will miss his child's school play for a round of golf with the C.E.O of his company. Why would a man, whose most prized possession in life is the...