The meaning of life

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Emiliia Druchuk

Prof. Susan Murray

English 12

Essay # 1

March 27, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Our life is a gift. Not just a simple gift, but also a valuable gift that is given to mankind. So every person on the earth have to live his/her life to be a useful, bring a benefits to people around, and fill it with deep meaning. Famous American psychiatrist David Viscott once said:" The purpose of life is to discover your gift, the meaning of life is to give your gift away". So, he makes us to thing to be not just a consumer, but to be beneficial in this life. And it can give a chance to live interesting, valuable being, be in harmony with ourselves and with other people. How about Neddy Merrill, main character of John Cheever short story "The Swimmer"? What is the value of life for him? In front of us Ned appears as middle-aged man who has a journey to swim his way homes to his family.

But during this journey he changes for a different person. If at the beginning of the story he is brave, strong, and athletic man, at the end Ned loses all in his life: his youthfulness, athletic body, oneself, and family. Also, he detects that his life is just a big lie. His attitudes toward to life lead him to loss of oneself physically and spiritually. So, there are several causes that drive him to this sad end. First cause is alcohol that Ned abuses through all his journey from pool to pool, next cause is a deception that always accompanies him, and another cause is his carefree toward to family, people and all his life. These three problems that have a place in Ned's being bring devastation in...