The meaning of the Wedding Ring

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A woman sits in her room in front of her carved wooden vanity brushing her wavy auburn hair and waiting for her dashing boyfriend of two years to telephone her. He finally calls to inform her of her evening plans. He will pick her up at seven 'oclock sharp in his ninteen-sixty-nine mercedes convertible, and escort her to the fanciest french restaurant in town. She squeals with glee. This is the night she's been waiting for. This is the night all of her dreams will come true. The night she will get a diamond.

The engagement ring is one of the most prolific of love rituals. Engagement is the pivotal step between serious dating and the life long commitment of mariage. The ring that signifies this commitment is a tradition so seeped in history that it ignores many ideals of contemporary society. The theories behind the giving of engagement rings are not only materialistic and posessive, but also are somewhat sexist.

The male in the relationship is always the one to give the female the ring. With this gesture, he is showing the woman he loves not only that he wants to be with her for a lifetime, but that he has the means to provide for her.

These days, the central implications and meanings of this gesture are often overlooked, despite that fact that they are often disagreed with. The connotations of this act are simply chaucked up to tradition. People in love believe that this practice is a necessary motion to follow in order to comply with the rules of romance.

Despite the changes in gender roles that have occurred over the centuries (mostly in the last one), the engagement ring is still a common and practiced custom. Though the founding principles of this tradition may be out...