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The book of Revelation, the only apocalypse among the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, has always occupied a marginal role within the field of Biblical interpretation. Its bizarre visions of beasts, dragons, plagues, and cataclysms have inspired poets and artists while confounding more traditionally minded scholars for centuries. This an exegesis of the most controversial symbols in Revelation; these can also be known as the most misinterpreted.

Most of the time the number seven in the Apocalypses is referred as everything, as the universal:

-The seven Churches are a representation of the Universal Church.

-The seven spirits that are in front of the throne (4,5), is the Holy Spirit with its total spiritual richness, represented by its seven talents.

-The book of the seven seals (chapter 5) symbolizes the whole plan that God has for history; and the sealing with seven stamps is an expression that indicates complete closing, inscrutable for every human eye, which no one has knowledge upon, except the Lamb, Christ, to whom the Father gives to, the only one who can open it, read it and reveal it because he received that mission from the Father.

-The Lamb has seven horns, plenty of power and strength; seven eyes, plenty of science and knowledge; and the sever spirits, plenitude from the Holy Spirit whom He has sent us ( other examples can be found in the number seven).

The number four indicates the universe with its four primordial elements of the philosophies and ancient physics, and its four winds (see 4, 6).

The number three most of the time suggests the Trinity (three worships, three attributes, etc.).

The seven stamps (cap. 6-7), the seven trumpets (8-11), the seven signs (12-14) and the seven glasses (15, 16) represent the calamities that the human race...