The meanings of life as suggested by Vonnegut in the "Sirens of Titan".

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Through the ages philosophers have attempted to answer the question of the meaning of life. Why are we here? Far off is there a god or multiple gods controlling us for some greater plan? The human race will most likely ponder this question for the remainder of (human) life on earth, but to help us out, Kurt Vonnegut has thrown his own ideas out to the feeding frenzy of philosophical criticism. Vonnegut has put his answer to the big questions out for the world to see in his book, The Sirens of Titan. The Sirens of Titan, for all its wondering, futurity, and concern with larger, abstract questions transmits a greater sense of direction and concreteness. The meaning of life is not easily answered however, and there isn't one simple answer either. The meaning of life is multi-faceted, because why would life be so long and hard at times, if life were only meant to teach a single lesson?

To be free and to live as one chooses is one of the answers Vonnegut supplies to the meaning of life.

The plot of the novel surrounds a man named Malachi Constant who is reputed to be the luckiest man on earth. Constant is extremely rich and powerful, and lives the life of a playboy, boozing it up and gambling with money, women, and life itself. His luck runs out however, and he takes a chance, joining a secret army on Mars, whose goal is to take over Earth. Once he gets to Mars, he is brainwashed, and almost his entire memory is erased, turning him into a mindless drone for the Martian Army. That small part of his memory that isn't cleaned out, the far corners of his brain, starts to work again, and Constant begins to notice his...