What It Means To Be American

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So, what is it like to be an American? It's an amazing feeling. Our country has life so much easier than many other places of the world. We are entitled to our rights and freedoms. Americans have pride and stand up for what we believe in. People have worked way too hard to throw away everything they have accomplished. We should be thankful for what we have. Our lives are so much easier than of many people around the globe.

A "Native" American is usually born in the United States. In order to become an American, you have to travel here legally and become a citizen. At the age of 18, you are legally allowed to vote. If you are of legal age, you should not abuse your right and let our nation fall in the wrong hands. We have to respect the choices our president because he is controlling our nation.

Many teenagers earn their learning permits by the age of fifteen and their driver's licenses at sixteen. In several countries, you have to be much older or may never be able to drive. Also, here, in America, we have improved our technology very much. We are very lucky to have all the computer software and telephones. In many places, people are just trying to stay alive. Numerous countries can't find their food easily like Americans can. We can just go down to our local store or restaurant. Some people have to search the jungles for food possibilities and have to catch their food themselves. They can't find job openings easily like we can. Several foreigners don't even have jobs. Many people travel to America to live the "American Dream."

Americans have many freedoms and rights. The Bill of Rights protects and allows these freedoms. You can...