What it means to be Canadain?

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A: 5 Things that define a Canadian are:


2)Helping others when the help arises

3)Living in a place were war is prevented and peace is wanted

4)Resources are always around you

5)Give others the right u would want to have

The Vanishing Border

To be Canadian you have to be living in Canada for the first fact. Maclean's cover is showing a United States flag over the Canadian leaf. This might impel that we Canadian's today are becoming or wanting to be more and more like the American's. This can be positive or negative. For me personally this has a negative affect on me.

This has a negative affect of me because the Canadian's act different than American's. We are not like them. Were quieter, less violent, more caring, not as arrogant, different and better as said in American Lite. Everything American's are, Canadian's aren't. Not everyone has the same opinion has everyone else.

American's pay attention to us only when we are bellowing wit rage. When we want them to pay attention to us they don't.

Canadian's are ranked near the bottom of G8 and NATO nations when it comes to defence spending, and spend next to nothing on foreign aid. No body in Washington gets up in the morning and thinks about how to take over Canada.

What Canada does isn't what a normal country does. You can define Canadian culture as mountains, health care and a beer commercial. Unlike American's who have no health care to offer to its people.

People can still see us Canadian's kind of as American's. Both of us have common roots; most of us speak the same language, our popular cultures overlap. But still we can point out distinctions between the two nations. Some examples are cleaner streets, less violent crime,