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In both novels, Caught by Lisa Moore and Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates, the reader is shown how a poor upbringing and the environment of a constant struggle for youth can lead to a life of crime and poor decisions. In some form or another, this is proven in both novels through the characters of Legs Sadovsky and David Slaney. Although Slaney's upbringing dealt with more monetary issues in comparison to Legs who was subject to a life of alcoholism, abuse and oppression, both environments distanced the characters from freedom. Through the similarities presented by David and Legs and the struggles that they face throughout the novel, the theory of Marxism within society is portrayed.

From the point of view of a Marxist, the relationship between social class and criminal behavior are directly related in the sense that white collar crimes such as fraud or tax evasion are more likely to be committed by the wealthy or "upper" class of society whereas the crimes such as street crime and burglary are more likely to be committed by impoverished or "lower" class citizens.

This theory is seen to be true in the case of Legs as she is arrested for stealing a car. Legs' environment growing up was very harsh as it was very poor and oppressive towards women. Ab Sadovsky is a key contributor to the poor environment that Legs was succumbed to during her youth. Maddie introduces the reader to Legs' home situation when she accounts that "Ab Sadovsky!-with his reputation everywhere in Lower town for his bad temper, crazy-quick temper, propensity for fighting, drinking drinking drinking and problems with women and employers". Growing up in this sort of environment would breed a mentality that this way of conducting oneself is not only normal but also expected and shifts...