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I am here today, to show you that the prisoner Medea, who now stands before you, is guilty of the crimes she has been accused of. These crimes didn't serve a purpose; they only satisfied the burning rage in her heart. So, now I call upon you, men of Corinth. To decide whether Medea's acts where justiful.

First, the women of Corinth thought she was dangerous. Even by looking in her eyes, you could see the occult forces behind her wickedness. The loyal King Creon, had no choice, but to banish Medea from Corinth forever. Jason once said, "Medea was given the benefit to speak as an equal with the great people of Corinth." Instead, she choose to terrorize the King and his people. Nevertheless, she now must face the hand of justice.

Afterwards, on the day before these murders, Medea secretly had a conversation with Aegeus; one of Creon's guest.

According to the women who witnessed this conversation, Medea asked Aegeus, "If you had a dog-eyed enemy and needed absolute vengance - you'd kill his children first." Was Medea thinking of killing her children from the start? Yet, who would want to kill their own children. Other than a dangerous and obsessed woman, seeking absolute vengance. Therefore, I must conclude, that Medea killed her children to make Jason a childless man. As a result, she must have decided to kill Creon and his daughter also.

For instance, on the day of the murders, four women witnessed Medea preparing the burning woven-gold veil. This golden-veil, was what Creon's daughter put around her neck, at the hour of her death. One of the women, who saw her preparing this necklace said "Too much wealth, is sometimes dreadful." Once Creon's daughter recieved the gift, she put it on, looked in a mirror, and it started burning on her skin. Creon then jumped on his daughter to stop the flame. This only made the situation worse and they melted together. Turning him and his daughter into nothing more then ashes. Jason himself said "The gold wreath looks like fire." Since, Medea made the same necklace for Creon's daughter, she must be the murderer.

Finally, Medea escaped the realms of sanity, to that of insanity. She had no mercy for killing her children. Now, after her children returned from bringing their gifts, the nurse came bringing terrible news. In which, the tutor had originally thought was a great triumph. The nurse told Medea "Death is turned loose!" She responed by saying, "I am very happy; go slowly." This was not the same woman, who hours before was so willing for peace. Shortly thereafter, she murdered her children. While she was doing this, the women there heard the elder child say, "You've hurt him! The Blood! The Blood! Oh mother." There is surely no doubt, that Medea is guilty of these terrible crimes.

In Conclusion, Medea went from a depressed and sad woman, to a burning rage of anger and madness. She brutally murdered the King and his daughter. Then, violated the little bodies of Jason's children. These, of all crimes are the worst and Medea must suffer the dire consequences. Men of Corinth, I ask of you to send this beast, back to the hell she came from.