Medea; questions and answers that can create a better understanding of the character Medea and how the sympathy of the audience shifts thoughout the play.

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The Opening Scene

1. Find quotes form this opening section to show that Medea is


"Death take you, with your father, and perish his whole house!" (Medea, pg20)

"Oh, may I see Jason and his bride ground to pieces in their shattered palace" (Medea, pg22)


"A queen of is used to giving commands, not obeying them;" (Nurse, pg21)

"Do you see how I am used- in spite of these great oaths I bound him with-" (Medea, pg22)

Devastated by Jason's betrayal

"She will not eat; she lies collapsed in agony, dissolving the long hours I tears" (Nurse, pg18)

"Come, flame of the sky, pierce through my head! What do I gain from living any longer?" (Medea, pg21)


"I am afraid some dreadful purpose is forming in her mind." (Nurse, pg18)

"There's something that she means to do; and I know this: she'll not relax her rage till it has found its victim."

(Nurse, pg20)

Grief Stricken

"Since first she heard of Jason's wickedness, she has not raised her eyes, or moved her cheek from the hard ground;" (Nurse, pg18)

"Do I not suffer? Am I not wronged? Should I not weep?" (Medea, pg20)


"By my accursed husband?" (Medea, pg22)

"For the wrong they have dared to do to me, unprovoked!" (Medea, pg22)

Add TWO qualities of your own to the above list and support them with quotes or examples from the opening section.


"And wails aloud for her dear father, her own land and home, which she has betrayed and left," (Nurse, pg18)

"O my father, my city, you I deserted; my brother I shamefully murdered!" (Medea, pg22)


"Oh, oh! What misery, what wretchedness! What shall I do? If only I were dead!" (Medea, pg20)

"Oh, how I hate living! I want to...