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Today?s society bombards the youth with the mass medias production of sexual content. The media has many ways of flooding sexual content into the minds of youth through television, music and movies. Accomplished by generating attention to the vulnerable adolescents whose hormones are racing, and are often confused of many things including their sexuality. Their vulnerability makes them an easy target and their familiarity with the media, having grown up with it as a predominant force makes this an easy task for advertisers. Sex sells.

Television is a huge influence with teenagers for the simple reasons that watching has become second nature. With today?s society teenagers have been watching television from toddlers years and have always used this as a tool for entertainment and education, whether intentional or subconscious. There are many messages often portrayed as normal but can be misinterpreted by the way they are portrayed and glamorized. Casual sexual relations with anyone if consensual is ?OK? and has no repercussions, A young woman?s goal in life is to find and please the sexual demands of men, Promiscuous sex is acceptable and often represented in a romantic or humorous manner, Sex has no consequences, no health or emotional effects.

These misconceptions are often accepted and could be easily corrected. Television is such a huge part of our lives. We cannot just eliminate them, however we can learn to adapt and be in control. We must create other means of entertainment. Watching television as a family could open the door to discussion and eliminate confusion. Through the simplicity of experience parents could create a window for discussion.

Music is not such a force, the fact that a lot of teenagers listen to the melody and don?t always comprehend the lyrics. When a song is brought to life by a video,