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The Media By: This report is about the national media in general, and my news station CBS. I think the media obsesses about certain news stories that are not important, and they don't cover many important stories that will affect people's lives. The media these days are mainly in business for the money.

The proper role of the media used to be to inform us about what the government was doing unlike England had done before we gained independence. Now days the media is here to entertain us so they can get rich from us watching there shows and buying there papers. The media isn't doing its job in my eyes, I think they should tell us more about things that would affect a majority of peoples lives. Though that would be hard to satisfy everyone with that strategy, but it is impossible to find a strategy to satisfy everyone.

I think the media should not be able to make profit from what they report but instead how much they report, and how good they report it. I think tabloids are good for entertainment as long as everyone knows it is for entertainment, but they should put some sort of warning to tell people that all the information isn't true.

The media has way too much control over what people think is important in the world. In an indirect way the media is telling us what to think. If there was more individualism in the media, I would be satisfied.

My news station I watched was CBS. CBS seemed to focus on stories that had to do with money problems in the economy, and other negative subjects. I think they focus on these subjects because they will make money off these subjects. I also think they focus on...