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The internet is changing many aspects of our society. The internet is a virtually unlimited source of information. We are able to access information on any subject with just a few key strokes. For many, the internet has taken the place of the public libraries for research, taken the place of malls and stores for doing our shopping and even taken the place of bars and other social scenes for meeting people. We can also investigate our symptoms check out the medications that our doctor has prescribed. This writer will examine some of these changes in how they are affecting our daily lives.

By using the internet much of our lives is changing. Since becoming a student, this author has had to find ways to save time and fit more activities into daily life. Through the internet a great deal is possible. With a few keystrokes the household groceries are ordered and scheduled to be delivered at a time that is convenient; a few more keystrokes and dozens of web sites and articles appear on the screen to complete the research for this weeks assignments.

And when there is a need for a little human interaction, a quick jump into a chat room and there are dozens of people to talk to at any given time.

The opportunities of cyberspace are almost limitless, but with opportunities there are always risks and consequences. In cyberspace, we know there is anonymity. This allows people to meet others and become friends based on who they are rather than what they look like or what they are wearing.

However, this also allows for those with ulterior motives to hide their identities. We have seen crime of various types on the internet. The most prevalent is child pornography. Because it is difficult to track...