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Among the most prominent of the world's many religions is Islam, which today is the cause of great controversy within our society. To understand the multiple meanings that Islam conveys one must ask: "What is the meaning of Islam?" The essence of the religion has been sought after by many scholars, and it is widely believed that the religion is based on one's own interpretation of the Quran, the Islamic holy book. The significance of my analysis is to define the meaning of Islam through a religious and historical context. With this analysis I will focus on defining the word Islam, clarifying distinctions with religious names and its importance as well as understanding the beliefs and behavioral practices. Despite the Holy Qur'an's ambiguousness, Ministers have interpreted the quran and preach the essence behind Islam. The subject of my analysis is an internet audio lecture entitled "the Meaning of Islam" by Dr.

Mamdouh Mohamed.

The speaker commences with defining the word Islam in a religious context and a historical context. The literal derivative of the Arabic word is to surrender, or peace. However, as a religious term in the Qur'an, it means "to surrender to the will or law of God." Within Islam the believer (Muslim) employs the Arabic word for God, Allah,

to refer to the creator of the world and of all life within it. The purpose for identifying two different meanings for the word is because a Muslim and a non-Muslim must understand the literal and symbolic reasoning behind the term Islam. All men are created by Allah and to acknowledge this he or she must submit or surrenders everything to the law of Allah.

Mamdouh Mohamed emphasizes the distinct representation of Islam by stating that religion is not named after an individual or a significant abstract...