The media and how it affects our Teenagers

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Believe it or not, the media, including television, newspapers, movies, and even the internet, has a huge impact on everyone in which it comes in contact with, from adults to teenagers and children. People everywhere watch many hours of television daily, and are now spending a lot more hours on the internet and the world wide web, due to the large increase in its volume since it became popular. One of the main reasons for this is because parents and/or guardians work a lot more than they use too. A lot of parents work a standard 40 hours a week, nine o'clock to five o'clock job, and that will leave a child alone with nothing to do, but watch television, or play on the computer, and spend all their time on the internet. Unfortunately, these days there is more violence on television than there was years ago, even if it is somewhat humorous.

First, take children for example. Since television is such a huge part of our existence, children begin to notice and react to the TV early on in their life. A young child will not process information exactly the same way as an adult would. For example, if a twenty-year-old person was watching a violent movie, like The Crow, they would know that when the character in the movie was killing all the men he set out to kill, it was unreal and all the actors were acting to be dead. If a six or seven year old child saw that movie, they would think it was real life and those people were actually being brutally murdered. Because of this, the child can become "immune" to the horror of violence, gradually accept the violence as a way to solve a problem, and then eventually imitate what they saw...