The Media and Children

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Parents will argue that other people are the reason their children are violent and usually take absolutely none of the blame, when in reality they should be taking a lot of the blame for violence among children. I believe media as a whole, including television, radio, movies, video games, news, et cetera, can be very detrimental to society and leads to a lot of violence among children with which we are dealing. I was always taught that what goes in your head has to eventually come out, so shouldn't you put in only good stuff? I believe that music, is an example of media, that negatively affects teenagers by repeatedly exposing them to themes such as Satanism, substance abuse, murder, suicide, and sexual violence, which may be heavily reinforced and normalized by the frequency of their portrayal.

I think there are too many television shows that run between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, which is when most children watch television, that make violence their main theme.

Also during those hours, there are music video countdowns playing on just about every channel to which you flip. The only things kids learn when they watch these videos is how to abuse their wives, how to shoot a gun at someone, how to violently deal with a bully at school, how to dress so sexy that all the boys will like them, etc. Children/adolescents idolize most people on television, especially if they are a popular songwriter or singer. Most parents know that children imitate whatever they see and hear, so wouldn't you think if parents let them watch these over-sexy and violent videos that their children are going to want to look and act just like what they are watching on television? Several major rap artists have been charged...