Media and Confict in the Philippines by Marites Danguilan Vitug (Reflection Paper)

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Media and Confict in the Philippines by Marites Danguilan Vitug (Reflection Paper)

For the past years , Mindanao has been projected by the media as the most dangerous place in the Philippines. Unknown to most, Mindanao a is beautiful and productive place. Although the undeniable fact that war exist in Mindanao , there are still some part of it which are not experiencing war. The war is not happening in the entire island. All these were just brought by the seemingly non-stop reporting of never-ending war. And because of these, people from different parts of the world are afraid to visit Mindanao. Fear of abduction, killing or any form of danger.

News about Mindanao is always full of action and TV news companies prioritize news with videos of war, fightings ,killings,abductions, massacre, rebel bombing, etc. These interests people. People buy this kind of story. These news stories impede peace. In fact, it causes more confict.

According to the reading, a media NGO (non-governmental organization), the Center of Freedom and Resposibility (CMFR) concluded that "shallow coverage with the little background information leads to superficial understanding of the conflict ... The disturbing paucity of background material raises the question of how well the press made the crisis comprehendable to the public, since events reported out of context are usually open to understanding..." Media through reporting has been unhelpful and making issues a lot bigger.

The Philippines is one of the freest presses in the world yet as Vitug says it is the most freest and most rambunctious press in Southeast Asia. Media today,especially TV is found to be not that credible since materials or news they air are not solidly researched. Another is that most sensationalized news stories are found in TV than radio and new paper. Exaggerated reports and sensationalistic coverage...