Media and criminal justice

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It can be said quite confidently that the media does influence the criminal justice system as there is a lot of debate in the media that revolves around criminal cases. The forms of media will be identified. And the role of both the judiciary and the jury will be discussed, and ways in which the media can impact their decisions.

The ways that the media may inappropriately influence society, can be overcome by making the media minimise or reduce stories concerning or consisting of issues of crimes. The media usually prefer to broadcast negative stories which are also sensationalised to seem worse than they are. It would also be a good idea to try persuading or directing the media to portray the criminal justice system in a good light and not always focus on its ineffective aspects.

A criminal justice issue is that of the efficiency and effectiveness of the law in achieving justice.

This issue is not easily resolved as media influences a big part of society and changes society's views on particular events like murders, rape etc. The media leads a big part in the changing of views of the judge and jurors in the criminal justice system.

It is important to identify what the term 'media' refers to. There are many different types of media. A few examples are Television, newspaper and the radio. Some newspapers are very sensationalist and use material that is far beyond necessary. This sways the opinions of jurors and judges in the courts because they can think about what was in the newspaper article and use it in the current case even though the newspaper article was sensationalised and was only after attention and of course selling papers. Although the newspaper is a common form of media, television is the most popular...