Media and its effects on children

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In today's society television is one of the biggest pastimes for children and youth. They watch, absorb and are unconsciously influenced by all the things they see on the screen. Violent television shows changes the attitude of a child. This leads to a kind of devotion to the television. Since it is being watched so much children become desensitized to all the violence shown. Too much exposure to violent television programmes damages a child's mind and spirit.

Nowadays, a child comes home and right away the television goes on. Television requires little brainwork. Children could become increasingly lazy and rude because of this. Imagine a parent asking a child to clean their room while they are watching one of their shows. The arousal and stimulation they received from the violent programs would probably lead them to answer back in a rude way. I know when I watched these kinds of shows it made me feel more excited and powerful.

James D. Hollaran, a British researcher stated:

It is not that the violence portrayed in these programs is more likely to be copied, or that it will stimulate aggressive drives. It is reflections, the associations, the ambiguities, the definitions, the stereotypes, the emphases, the approvals, the tolerances, the familiarizations, the behavioral possibilities and solutions, and the picture of the world that these programmes provide that may make television an influential force with regard to violence in society (4).

There are many underlying and intertwined causes to what causes children to react to what they see on the television. After watching these violent shows everyday life will seem more boring and therefore children will want to watch television more and more.

Similarly, we have to take into consideration how TV shows can lead to desensitization. For hours they sit wide-eyed in front...