Media and the Obesity Epidemic

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Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that has had a tremendous weight gain effect on our nation. Everyday television shows, commercials, movies and sitcoms, present some form of obesity awareness. African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, and other races and religions have suffered to overcome the struggles that come along with being obese. People who are obese are not only affected mentally but physically as well. Everyday tasks like walking, cooking or cleaning, which are essential in life, are less likely to be performed. Obesity can raise stress and lower confidence, making the individual turn to food for relief. Adults and children who are obese have a higher risk of developing health problems throughout their lifetime. People who are obese are seen negatively among society and stereotyped by the media.

Some forms of media focus on reducing the impact of obesity by daily exercise and activity. While others show how it affects our nation as a whole.

Every one of the points above which explain the effects of obesity, influence why we gain weight and why we struggle to lose weight. Diet, inactivity, psychological factors, genetics, age, cigarette smoking, pregnancy, medications, medical problems, and alcohol all have a major impact on weight gain. Although issues of obesity may differ among women, men, and children, the same concerns arise. Some people who are obese may gain weight faster than others who are obese. Physical activity plays a major role in this issue. There is no simple way to control obesity and as more "lose weight quick" remedies are exposed, the media is quickly contributing to this factor.

"Celebrity Fit Club", is one of the most widely viewed reality television shows on MTV. The show focuses on celebrities who have physically "let themselves go" and want to better themselves by losing weight. The show starts...