Media and the Political Process.

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When a person puts on the television during an election, they are making an attempt to understand the political process more and more. Although some may disagree with this statement, the media plays an important role in our understanding of the political process. The main media source that is used, especially in the United States, is the television. Without the media or television, many people might not have the appropriate knowledge, which is needed to vote, about the candidates. Therefore, the media is indeed a major aspect of the political process and is as big a part of the government as anything.

Firstly, the fact is that if the media is biased towards one in particular candidate, then it sometimes rubs off on the people. Certain peoples' understanding of the government and policies are taken from the media. Therefore, if the bias is favoring one candidate, the people tend to take that side and favor the same simply because that is the impression they get.

This is not always the case but may very well occur. Basically, because the most popular form of media is television and that is what keeps the common people informed about the political process. The people usually see the candidates how they are presented by the media and this reflects their opinion of a certain person.

There is a perfect example of how media is a big part of the political process. It was the coverage of the Kennedy vs. Nixon election. Throughout this election, the media characterized Kennedy as the democrat for a "new America". He was the young candidate who happened to be good looking, to some, and seemed to catch the eye of

many. However, Nixon was the older republican, more the less for the "old America". Now really, Nixon, on paper...