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Media Influence and the Political World

The mass media today plays a vital role in American politics and possess immense power with reference to the political development. A role is defined as characteristic, expected social behavior, the function, position or actions taken by a required person or group. The chapter goes into comprehensible details of how the media portrays politics and heavily influences the society in terms of exploiting false ideas in order to promote a certain image of a political icon.

Political parties involved in the American government, set the stage for very competitive and rigorous politics by manipulating the society with the help of the media. Fierce in today's politics, parties have to set their sites on crucially aggressive campaigns. The media is a necessary tool for these parties to use for their benefit at the consequence of their competitors. The underlying problem with the media being such a crucial asset for most parties is that this tool can turn into a weapon that sparks a virtual media related war among parties.

These aggressive ad campaigns may hinder the democratic process and shake the foundation of modern American politics. The nature of this problem is in fact brought forth through everyday television, newspaper, and radio. Since the media has such an influential affect on the voting population, negative ad campaigns or party may in turn fill an election with misleading information that is fabricated for the benefits of competition and not for that of democracy. While the society relies on the media to make decisions based on the information that is shared in the news media. In reality the society is being manipulated in order to win a very important and crucial political role in the government to obtain more power over the society.

In conclusion for...