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The advert for shelter is about the homeless shelters and why we should support them. The object of this advert is to make you feel sympathy for the homeless and want to help them. It makes you think about the fact that the stereotypical image of the homeless is in most cases wrong. They do this by using many different presentational devices.

Firstly they use individual photographs of homeless people to make you feel sympathy for them and think about the person on the inside and not what's on the outside this also makes you realise that it is not just a scam to get money. And that there are real people out there suffering because they have been kicked or forced on to the streets through no fault of their own, and don't deserve to be treated like they are.

The producer also use a stamp which says "Winter Nights Emergency Aid Appeal" this gives a sense of urgency to the matter and therefore makes you feel that if you don't help innocent people will lose their lives to the harsh and desolate, cold streets.

It also labels them helpless, poor and desperately in need and must be helped.

Use of a torn and rugged look of the ad this makes it look as if only the necessities have been used so as to spend as little money on the ad as possible and therefore maximise the amount of money available for the homeless, it also reminds you of the rugged and torn life which the homeless are forced to lead it also makes you feel your money is being well used and not spent on advertising.

It also uses the contrast of white on black and vice-versa to make particular parts stand out more than others e.g.