Media Coursework: Comparison Between "The Simpsons", "Futurama" and "Family guy"

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The word genre can be used to describe several things such as books, films and television programmes. It means the theme of the book, and in the case of a film or programme means either horror, thriller, comedy, romantic. It is important that a programme or film makes clear what genre it is. For example, a horror should make you cower in fear and a thriller should keep you on the edge of your seat. In the case of a comedy, which I have chosen to compare, it must make you cry with laughter. What genre a piece of media is? , also helps you to choose the things that you like. I have chosen to compare three cartoon comedies, The Simpsons, Futurama and Family guy. These are both popular programmes and were also created by the same person (Matt Groening). When an audience watches a comedy programme like one of these, they expect to see the setting or characters, and a gag or joke to introduce them to the theme.

They also expect happy music rather than sad or depressing, which would suit a soap opera for example. Therefore the key conventions of a cartoon comedy are bright happy scenes of the characters or setting and some slight comic acts.

Firstly, The Simpsons. The programme starts, by showing a blue sky with a few clouds. As the clouds clear, “The Simpsons” slowly zooms towards the screen and is sung by several voices. This happens at the beginning of every episode and is expected by the audience as it is like a “catchphrase” of the show. I feel this helps keep the audiences watching as when they hear it sung, it automatically grabs their attention, as it is such a famous saying. After that, the trademark theme...