Media Coursework: Using the Barnardo's adverts and other ones you have viewed, analyse and comment upon the extent which you find them 'hard-hitting'

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Our case study is Barnardo's, which is a children's charity. Barnardo's runs campaigns and schemes to help the most vulnerable children and young adults transform their lives and fulfil their potential.

In 2003, Barnardo's introduced a very hard-hitting campaign on children suffering from poverty. The reason for this, as stated in the press release to begin this campaign, is that despite having the fourth largest economy in the world, the UK still has 3.8 million children (1 in 3) living in poverty. The press release secondly goes on to give statistics of how oblivious people are to the large amount of child poverty in the UK. For example, '36% of people questioned was unaware that one third of children live in poverty in the UK.' However 58% of over 65's think there are no children living in poverty in their area, which is comparatively much higher. This may be because they are most likely to have been children themselves growing up around the difficult time of WWII.

Therefore they might have a different definition of poverty. Barnardo's definition of poverty is families surviving on less than 242 pounds a week. Finally this press release concludes with a Q and A on the advertisements. However, the advertisements had to be withdrawn from the press and media by the ASA. This was because of resistance from the public claiming that the advertisements were too disturbing.

Now look at the advertisements themselves. Take the advertisement containing the cockroach to begin with. This advertisement is arguably the most shocking of the lot, with the imagery very disturbing. The cockroach, which is in the centre of the advert to give it the main attention, is an unpleasant and unwelcome pest to anyone because of its association with squalid living conditions and is...